Stop hindering our way

01/07/2009 at 21:47 3 comments

The irresponsible behavior of media and politics

It’s not meant to be…and it’s all politics. And the media. Again, they’re the two unfortunate things to blame.

Albania is not moving forward and there is only one reason: politicians don’t cease and media doesn’t stop fabricating chaos.

The election process has now stopped in Fier, simply because none of the two leading parties wants to give up three stupid ballot boxes. The votes inside these three boxes have already been counted once, but yet, since this is supposed to bring a crucial mandate for any of the two parties, they pretend to be the ones deserving the place in the next parliament.

This is stupid, is irresponsible, is disrespectful towards the citizens and is unacceptable for the fragile future we hoped we could start from last Sunday.

But citizens voted and acted normally on Sunday. What is not normal is the intolerant and narrow-minded behavior of politicians and the media who supports one side or the other and encourage troubles.

The counting should have been completed last Tuesday. It’s a pity we’re still watching irrational people pretending to delay the process, when they all know that no vote is being stolen and nothing can be done to reverse the decision for a new electoral code, which did not prove to work in favor of who voted for it.

This should stop. NOW, for the sake of us all in Albania.


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Leksion qytetarie për median dhe politikën Turpi pengues i politikës

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  • 2. Bob Boblaw  |  02/07/2009 at 07:24


  • 3. errorful  |  02/07/2009 at 10:49

    po pse ne anglisht ?
    apo e ke veshtire me shajt ne shqip?
    Thuje mi thuje se nuk te gjen gje ?
    Apo ta them une ?

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